DE Event :)

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DE Event :)

Post by Luciie on Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:44 am

Annyeong AngelZ ("")("")
Some of you might alrdy heared it some might not. Iam want to make an Guild Event after new year so I guess btween 6.1.16-14.1.16.
1st of all that participate of you can win and everyone can loose!!
So but now some facts at all.
How many can Participate?- 7 (Maybe another 7 depends)
What kind of Event?-Nest Event (8 Man Dragon nest)
What is Important?- That you know mechanics and can handle youre class.
What do you have to do?- Survive!
Has the nest to be cleared?-Jes!
Which nest will it be?- Will be a secret until the event! (just not rd)
How many try do we have?-Well depends if it makes sense to keep going. If the group fails 10x at stage 2 I will for sure stop and re organize the group. If the Group fails 3x at the dragon I will keep going.
Can everyone from the guild take part(Ranking)?-Jes everyone even our Mr Jin
Now the rules Smile)
You are not allowed to:
Wear costume items which have the typical pirvate server stats.
To wear any bdnL gear.
No other high stat cash items.
Or anything else which is not lvl based on the nest.
So you will not be carried by youre gear.
Now as an example let me say our nest will be ddn HC
I will give out ddn eq (uniqe not Legendary) with+10 weaps and +9 armor for everyone. That will be the only allowed EQ!! If you change anything while we are in the nest you are out! I will also farm lvl 40-70 Jades so you all have these.
Also youre maximum Dmg has to be around the normal cap dmg ( so also extreme pushing dmg heraldys have to be taken out for that )
Only 1 res is allowed!!
If the Group gets wiped by an party wipe what is then dose that counts as a death for me?- Jes it dose!
What are the rewards?
So thats I guess the most intristing part now Smile)
How I said the nest has to be cleared otherwise theire will be nothing.
well now for real hihi „grin“-Emoticon
NO DEATHS- 10k EC +5k DC
1 DEATH - 3k EC+ 2k DC
2 DEATHS and Ghost Mode- nothing
So I hope some ppl are intristed meow „colonthree“-Emoticon
Have a nice day and thanks for reading ("")("")
Oh and if some1 wanna traine the mechanics and so on you guys can always ask me ("")("") But I prefer if you annoy our Mr Jin with that he knows them as well c(= No Joke hihi „grin“-Emoticon
See ya all :PP
P.S If you find any spelling mistakes you can keep them !! „grin“-Emoticon

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Re: DE Event :)

Post by MsMay on Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:51 am

All right~!!! I shall form pt nao *A*

Rules are rules so don't cha break 'em.


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